Medical Oncology

At the department of Medical Oncology at Akshom Hospital we offer a wide range of specialised services to treat solid tumours in both adults and children.

Our team of experienced specialists offers targeted chemotherapy treatments, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy to help patients manage their condition effectively. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology. We offer a team of skilled physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing patients with an individualised, evidence-based approach to care that minimises discomfort and maximises results.

Whether you or a loved one is facing a new cancer diagnosis or dealing with a recurrence, the medical oncology team at Akshom’s Hospital can provide you with the comprehensive, compassionate care you need.


  • Highly professional and experienced team of medical oncologist
  • Specialised treatments for solid tumours
  • Specialised outpatient Chemotherapy with Chemo Ports and Haematological Neoplasm in adults and children
  • Range of treatments available including targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy
  • Wide range of services offered to cater to different types of cancer.

Medical Oncology