Plastic and Micro Vascular surgery

The Department of plastic and micro vascular surgery at Akshom’s Hospital is a comprehensive centre that offers a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgical services. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of care, using the most advanced techniques and technology available.

We offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including congenital facial and hand anomalies, injuries to the face and hands, tumours and other abnormalities in these areas, as well as peripheral nerve defects.

Our team of highly skilled surgeons has years of experience in the field, and is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to provide customised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Some of our services include plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, as well as reconstructive surgery for injuries to the face, hands, or other parts of the body.

Our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced, with many years of training and education in their field. We also have a dedicated team of nurses and support staff who work closely with each patient to ensure that they receive the best possible care before, during, and after their procedure.


  • Emergency management of trauma requiring plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Congenital anomalies of the face, hand, genitalia, breasts, etc.
  • Management of facial and hand injuries, tendon injuries, nerve injuries, compound fractures of limb, soft tissues loss, etc.
  • Head and neck surgery including tumours, oral cancers and reconstruction
  • Reconstructive surgery for soft tissue deformities, hernias, and etc
  • Peripheral nerve surgeries
  • Cosmetic surgery of face, breasts, abdomen.

Plastic & Micro Vascular Surgery