Patient Relations Management

Patient Care services in Akshom Hospital are designed to achieve our commitment to provide you and your loved ones a positive and respectful experience during your visit and stay in our hospital.

Our Patient Services department (Public Relations Department) functions round the clock to identify and resolve any concerns or complaints that you may have regarding our service delivery through the various departments in the hospital.

The primary focus of the department is to interact closely with the patients, their relatives and the hospital service providers through bidirectional communication that assist us in delivering top quality comprehensive healthcare and create a strong hospital image and culture. The department also serves as a liaison to the community and work closely with other health partners, government agencies and local bodies to ensure that the organizational mission of providing an excellent health care to our patients is achieved


  • Patient care service is available on 24×7
  • Provide information and assistance in accessing the patient care services, departments, and facilities available in the hospital.
  • Emergency patient assistance in cases related to trauma, accidents.
  • Addressing patient concerns and grievance redressal based on the hospital policies.
  • Arrange patient transport through the ambulance services of the hospital, as required.
  • Protection of patient privacy and liaison with the hospital safety department on matters related to patient safety.
  • Provide information and assistance on patient rights and patient responsibilities as per the hospital policy.
  • Notifying the family of patients in matters relating to medical emergencies, as required.
  • Assistance in handling medico-legal cases brought to the hospital through the local police administration.
  • Arranging programs for patient education on general healthcare issues through special clinics and other events on a routine basis.